Thursday, March 24, 2011

28 March 11 Chalo Mumbai ! Rally of Gramrojgar Sevak & Rural labors against the antipeople policies of Maharashtra State Government

Maharashtra state assembly is holding its budget session in Mumbai.
The Maharashtra State Gram Rojgar sevak Sanghata along with the organizations of Rural Labors decided to to hold a protest march on this Assembly session against the anti NREGA & anti labor policies of Maharashtra State government
The Maharashtra state government has not provided not a singal work in nearly 24315 village panchayats & hence sabotaging the cause of NREGA The state govenment has not spent amount of Rs. 641 crores.
Maharashtra state where the construction contractor-Builder-Sugar barons combined together for exploytation of rural poor.
Forging of Unity of gram rojgar sevak & rural labor has created enthusiasm in the rural masses
The rally will ignite an vibrant agitation for the issues & demands of Gram Rojgar Sevak & Rural labors
Participate All !


  1. I am GRS of SImulia Our REmuneration is very low

  2. sabhi gram rojgar sevak ko vinti he ki vo sanghatit ho kiun ki yo din dur nhi he jab sarkar hamari mago svilar kare gi mo 9405371293